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There has to be something more to life!

Do you have a feeling that “there has to be something more” niggling deep inside of you?

Do you wonder if something is missing in your life?

Perhaps you want more joy or passion in your life?

I did. Now this “something more” is alive inside of me. I uncovered the inner joy I was seeking. It feels like bubbles inside me. I have no other words to describe it. That is why I talk about “the champagne chakra” my inner joy bubbles up inside me like champagne bubbles do. It is a love for life like no other feeling I have ever had.

I want you to have this feeling too.

A question I often get is how long did it take? What did you do?

I discovered three actions I could take that created harmony in my body, heart and mind and these opened me up to that “something more”.

Here they are so you can do them too:

Start at Your Heart

Energetically open the connection to yourself and the universe that is located in your heart. Your heart is the home of your soul. Place your hands on your heart, and breathe in to a count of 3 and out to a count of 3. Do it while you read this. This is the start of creating harmony of body, mind and heart. Your heart is the essential bridge between your body and your mind. When you place your hands on your heart, you are giving your heart the message that you are paying attention to it.

The touch of your hands on your heart releases oxytocin, the “feel good” hormone of love. This is important because so often we look to others for love, but this is love you give yourself. When you place your hands on your heart, your nervous system begins to relax, your mind begins to quiet, and a feeling of love begins envelop your body.

Love is more an energy than an emotion: it is the most healing, transformative and creative energy in the universe. When you realize that you are a divine being capable of receiving and giving the love and wisdom that is in the very air we breathe each day, you will feel your inner joy bubbling up inside of you, because you know that everything is possible.

For more ways to connect with your heart, read Step 4, Joy and Love at the Heart Chakra in my book, The Champagne Chakra.

Fall in Love With Yourself

Journaling allows you to spend the time getting to know yourself like you would a new friend. We often talk about what we don’t want. Change your focus to what you desire in life. Journaling helps you get to know exactly what you desire. My Champagne Chakra Guided Journal Series asks you questions so that you can feel confident you are going in the direction of your heart’s desires.

While you are journaling, feel into your heart’s desires. I encourage you to take yourself to a place you love - your garden, a park, your favourite cafe. Date yourself, and answer the questions as if someone you love was asking them. And do just that, fall in love with yourself. Imagine your heart’s desires. Write them down. Feel into them. Believe. And take actions that are in alignment with them. Make this time for yourself. Make a list of what you do that leads you to or is in alignment with your desires. Imagine yourself in the life you desire. Then take the next step to that desire. Imagination is power. It is your free will tool, use it daily. Imagination is different than day dreaming. Day dreaming generally does not propel you to action, it is more like wishful thinking. Imagination is the skill of feeling and seeing yourself in your desires and adding actions to get yourself there, all the while imagining you are already there. Imagination is being in your desired life as if you already have it. Every time I journal, my imagination gets lit up!

When I reflect back on the life I have I lived, I can track the places where I did imagine myself into my desires without realizing I was doing it.

Look back on your life and see what your imagination led you to. It is when we forget that our mind is a beautiful tool of imagination and allow it to worry and fret and create the life we don’t want that takes us out of harmony with our desires. Train your mind to your desires. Again and again.

You can do it, and I am cheering you on. Check out The Champagne Chakra 30 Day Journal Series here.

Elevate your thoughts and words to get unstuck

Make it clear to your mind not to waste time worrying or speaking about things that do not serve your desires. For example, perhaps there is a person who annoyed or hurt you - release them from your energy - not for them, but for you. Stop talking about them. These conversations lower your energy and bore your friends (So sorry my dear friends for all the times I did this in the past, and thank you for sticking with me!! I love you!) Create conversations that matter - about the desires in your life, the books you are reading, the beauty you noted on your walk, and the next thing you are creating.

Step into your desires and out of your conditioned life. Drive your conversations the way you drive your car - to the place you most desire, not the parking lot !

This is the power of your own intervention. Intervene on yourself when your thoughts are leading you away from your desires. Only you can do this. You are worthy of the life you desire, so lead yourself there every day.




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