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    Hi, I'm Celia!  
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    A true Gemini, I have an insatiable curiosity ..... and this
    makes me eager to learn and share new skills. My life
    story is a curious catalogue of wild and wonderful
    passion projects, that most days even I find hard to

    I have lived as an artist and an organic farmer; taught
    organic farming courses, and cofounded a learning
    centre and music festival that celebrates local food
    and community. When my daughter Jessie was 5, we
    moved to Indonesia so that I could teach agriculture
    and permaculture in one of CUSO’s remote Indonesian
    locations. When we returned to Canada, I earned a
    Master’s degree in Human Security & Peace Building.
    I was then fortunate to work for peace, human rights and
    humanitarian aid organisations, and raise millions of dollars for projects across the world.  

    A persistent theme kept emerging: the health and wellness of girls and women: financially and physically.  

    Now in my 50’s, my life focus is on healthy beautiful living, for myself and the people in my life. Arbonne allows me to weave together my Humanitarian, Yoga, Reiki and Tantra trainings. When you join my team, I will mentor you to live a joy filled successful life from your core feminine power. Arbonne will help you achieve your health and beauty goals, helping you become the best version of you!  

    I love that Arbonne allows women purchasing power on the high quality items we use on a daily basis, while surrounding ourselves with other women (and men too!) who have our backs and help us succeed in business.  

    Arbonne combines superior, botanically based products with a generous compensation plan, exceptional support, training and committed leadership to create the perfect window of opportunity for you.  

    With Arbonne, life is full of awesome opportunity — to earn a living, enjoy a flexible schedule, to transform your life and the lives of others. Imagine the possibilities! 

    I invite and welcome you to fill out the form below and reach out to me to learn more!