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Fall in love with Yourself

The best gift you can give yourself, your family, your friends and our shared world is this: Fall in love with yourself. Connect with the truth deep within your beautiful heart.

Take yourself on a date, bring one of my journals. Ask yourself questions as if you were sitting across the table from the love of your life, because you are. Never forget this. And then, do just that, become the love of your life. The more you love you, the more love you have for your life and the people you share it with. Always ask yourself better questions! Life is driven by our words, our thoughts and the questions we ask ourselves.

Listen to the words in the song "The Greatest Love" sung by Whitney Houston. Because the greatest love of all is happening to me I found the greatest love of all inside of me The greatest love of all is easy to achieve Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all And if, by chance, that special place that you’ve been dreaming of Leads you to a lonely place find your strength in love

Many people believe that they cannot change the areas of their life that they don't like. The truth is, that many people don't know themselves well enough to understand how they can shift their life to a better place every day. That's right, I said it. Know yourself! In fact, make a commitment to get to know yourself better every day instead of simply living with yourself as you are.

When I first heard this, I was a little indignant, and thought hmmm, "I know myself!" But when I started journaling to questions my coach asked me, I learned a lot of things I had ignored and mostly never even thought about before!

One of the things I love to do with my coaching clients, is to give them a series of questions to answer - this helps them shift faster in between our sessions. So to help others who want to shift, but are not yet ready to be coached, I have created the Champagne Chakra 30 Day Guided Journal Series.

Guided journaling helps make you a keen observer of your spirit, opening the doors of awareness and perception so that you can be more of who you desire to be. It is also an action step that helps you sort out and move towards the actions you must take to create the life of your desires.

I created the Guided Journal Series to help you get on the frequency of your desires. Everything is energy and everything vibrates on a different frequency. There are seven levels of frequency that are represented in the 7 energy centres in your body known as the chakras. The goal of these journals is to open your awareness so that you can elevate through the natural sequence of frequencies to the one that your desire lives in.

There are journals in this series for each chakra, as well as journals specific to areas where many people get stuck in life. Journaling will help you through the areas you are stuck.

These journals are a guidebook, with instructions and information to help you with the topic of each journal. Like having a private coaching session in each journal! Light a candle, get your favourite pen, and answer the questions each day for 30 days.

Connect to your true self and fully embrace your life. The Champagne Chakra Guided Journals are ready when you are. Perfect for yourself and as a gift for a friend so you can learn practice together. Also makes a really fun book club experience!

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XO Celia


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