Hi! I'm Celia,

I’ve been on spiritual path since I was introduced to yoga in high school. I nervously giggled my way through the first class. The teacher was kind.  I was hooked, especially on the message from The Bhagavad Gita, “If you can see God in everyone, you can never do harm to anyone.”

Spirituality taps on my shoulder. 

Does it tap on yours?

Asking you to see things in a new light?

The tapping was hardest when coping with my mother, who turned to alcohol to hide her pain, and when acknowledging that the sexual assaults between the ages of 12 and 18 actually did affect me.

I understand now that each of us has the option and the ability to choose how we react to what happens to us, even if we are unable to stop the actions of others.

I am insatiably curious about life and how to be a better human. Releasing a judgemental belief system helped open me to my true purpose: to spread love. 

Quantum physics shows us our life is all about our energy and our patterns. My mission is to assist you in opening your heart to the energy of love in the universe.  To assist you in releasing patterns that no longer serve you. To assist you in changing your energy so that your vibrational signature reaches your highest state.

Let me help you make your energy work with you instead of against you.

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The concept that we are all connected through an energy field has fascinated me since my days of teaching others to grow food, in Canada, California, & Indonesia. I practiced my energy skills with plants, animals & water. My second career focussed on peace, human rights and humanitarian aid. This work showed me the best examples of human resilience, kindness and love. These experiences expanded my appreciation for life - how lucky we are to have the opportunity to connect with others, make a difference where we can, and try every day to make the world a better place.


Still, my biggest life lesson was learning to change myself. I had to overcome my limiting beliefs, and embrace forgiveness and gratitude in order to embrace my authentic self. When I learned how my unprocessed emotions become stuck energy in my chakras from the experiences in my life, and then found ways to release this stuck energy, I was suddenly free of what held me from fulling living the life I desired. Now I was hooked.

I love to share the practices that radically changed my life, brought me joy,  and allowed me to embrace my authentic self.  Almost everyone has some stuck emotional energy. It could be from childhood in the form of conditional love from a parent, sexual assault, limiting beliefs (family, religion, culture), family responsibilities, or inappropriate parent or authority figure behaviour. It can also be stuck emotional energy from adult life in the form of loss of work, moving, change of career, rejection, divorce, limiting beliefs (family, religion, culture), the death of someone close to you, or family responsibilities.

Do you dream of shifting from a world of fear to a world of love ?

A world where people are not afraid to look into the eyes of a stranger, and say, my soul sees your soul. 

Ghandi encourages us to “Be the Change you wish to see”.


"Be Love" is my life motto.

Does this sound like you?

If so, please join me in choosing to shift to the energy of love.

Only by changing ourselves are we able to change the world.

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