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Hello! I'm Celia,


I help you release your emotional blocks & find your joy so you can love your life. 

How would you feel if you lived your life all in?

You are here because you want to...

  • Have assistance with a major decision 

  • Understand, process & master your emotions  

  • Raise your energetic vibration

  • Reduce your negative thoughts

  • Lessen your self doubt & secret fears

  • Eliminate your blocks to success

  • Remove blocks to the deep connection & intimacy you desire


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Clear Your

Energy Blocks

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Champagne Chakra Coaching

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The Champagne Chakra Shoppe

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Celia’s system is simple and practical and achieves immediate results! I was given the tools to accomplish transformation and shown how to identify any blocks that might impede my progress. 

She helped me understand how to let go of old wounds and achieve personal power and forgiveness. I experienced peace as I discovered what was blocking me from fully embracing my path toward success.​ Champagne Chakra Coaching was an incredibly informative, inspirational and enlightening time! 


Not only do I have a new drive and concrete direction in my work life, but the ability to access a calm, loving centredness in my relationships. But the icing on the cake was the energy work Celia did with me – how amazing I felt is truly indescribable!”


-Cheryl Lynn Plett, Author of  The Erotic Eclair & Other Unseemly Stories


& get love. 

Download my Chakra Mantra Cards:


Beautiful Printable Cards with Chakra descriptions & mantras

Yay! You're in!

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