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Replace inner conflict with inner peace


Reduce feelings of anxiousness


Decrease your stress and overwhelm


Reduce your negative thoughts


Lessen your self doubt and secret fears


Minimize your procrastination

Release grief


Eliminate your energetic blocks to success


Remove your blocks to the deep connection and intimacy you desire

Clear your chakra system of stuck negative energy

Increase your authentic positive energy

The clearing techniques I use are the fastest, most effective method to release your emotional baggage.

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Champagne Chakra

Trapped Emotion


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"Celia “walks the talk” and shares practices and knowledge from her experiences that she uses herself.

I loved doing the Champagne Chakra because it is so practical and gives you tools to use everyday for a variety of situations. 

It is clear and grounded in reality rather than only theory. 

 I am grateful for Celia’s inspiration, care, and her commitment to support you." 

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Finally! I can understand and embrace forgiveness and gratitude. 

Celia made it easy for me grasp the how and the why. 

I now have joy because I have forgiven myself and others.

I feel gratitude instead of fear and anger".

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"I've been doing the Heart Meditation. This one really works for me. It has actually helped me discover how much fear is a present in my heart, mind and body! I perceive myself to be mindful and aware, but this meditation opened me up to the barriers that are preventing me from being true to myself. I am so grateful for the felt experience of my heart chakra.The active listening practice really helped me to respond from my heart instead of reacting from fear. I am working on the intensity of my response. All of these practices are self love! In this time of Covid 19 I see that what is really there is actually universal love. Learning to love myself, to really be loving toward myself so that I can be authentic in my relationships. The practices in the Champagne Chakra are so beautifully expansive, they continue to keep me in touch with my body, mind and heart.



“Celia’s system is simple and practical and achieves immediate results! I was given the tools to accomplish transformation and shown how to identify any blocks that might impede my progress. 

She helped me understand how to let go of old wounds and achieve personal power and forgiveness. I experienced peace as I discovered what was blocking me from fully embracing my path toward success.​ The Champagne Chakra was an incredibly informative, inspirational and enlightening time! 


Not only do I have a new drive and concrete direction in my work life, but the ability to access a calm, loving centredness in my relationships. But the icing on the cake was the energy work Celia did with me – how amazing I felt is truly indescribable!”

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I am feeling so much better after our session. My anxiety has decreased significantly. The emotions I absorbed from others during the first weeks of Covid 19 are gone. Thank you!

Zen Stones


“You had such a positive influence on me and many others. You helped me survive what was a very difficult mission and your work and encouragement was instrumental.”

Zen Stones


“All that Covid 19 stress clogged my fingers. After our clearing session: “Boom. Unclogged. Yesss....I feel like myself again. You are Magic! The last 2-3 days I was seeking the kind of rest and break I felt today after my emotion clearing session.The heavy “ugh I need a break” feeling that didn’t seem to go away, WENT AWAY!! I have been waking up at 3 and now I can sleep through the night again.

Kids Jumping into the Lake


My 9 year old son was not acting like himself for almost a month: he was angry, yelling at me, throwing things and making bad choices. He revealed some difficult emotions to me in a conversation but was very against seeing a counsellor. This period of parenting was draining and frustrating, probably for both of us.


Celia to the rescue! We did an Emption Code session, and within three hours, his mood improved, and by the next morning, I had my familiar happy, curious, loving child back! My son told me “before that, our relationship was a 3/10 and now it’s a 6/10,” just three hours later. Within a day, I had the boy I recognized living with me, and he agreed. His mood and our relationship was on familiar happy ground again, and my son agreed.


The Emotion Code work brought back the ease and joy of a positive growth-focused relationship rather than one centred around punishment, anger and bad choices. Most adults have to carry around stuck emotions from childhood. We zapped them out of the way which returned him to a clean slate. Just as a child should have. Celia’s work was, quite simply, magical, noticeable and family-changing.



"I have been doing the energy meditation consistently for a month, at least 5 minutes in the morning and evening; I even do it when I am laying on the grass in the park. When I feel stress, I get a shelf of tension across my chest and this meditation busts that tension apart! It is really amazing and so helpful. It's a tool I use to centre and ground, but it also helps me recognize the things within my control, and the things that are not.

I really enjoyed the letter writing exercise where we were tasked to write letters of forgiveness and gratitude. After writing one of each, it occurred to me the letters were the same letter prompting me to think about how I can use gratitude in that forgiving way. In the process I also learned to reframe the “shitty” things I feel trapped with, how to turn this around so I can see the the lesson and release my victimization. I haven't fully achieved this, but to know the possibility is there really helps me a lot.

I have been thinking about love. What it means to Be Love. How can I fall in love with my partner of 26 years again? How do I get there? What does it mean to fall in love with myself, and then with others? I grew up confusing love as an act done for or towards others and not something for myself. To regain that love for self is such a critical skill and part of the work I need to do. So grateful for the focus on the heart practices.”



"I  am especially grateful for Celia and her focus on the heart during Covid 19, when we have had no choice but to stay present with our feelings and those of our family members. 


I often think about love, but this program has offered me new ways to think about it. Its practices have also allowed me to feel on a visceral level the power I have in my heart, power enough to heal myself and my three kids. I really like the secret squeeze. It's simple, effective, and doable in all kinds of situations.


I have spent a difficult past few years, raising three sensitive and struggling kids on my own, and fearing there was no hope for us. I want to tell you that I feel much lighter after starting this program than I have in months. In fact, I can't remember feeling this peaceful. And while I find crying in front of people painful and embarrassing, your warm responses were exactly the medicine I needed.


My kids have certainly benefited. I haven't seen them this smiley and playful in a long time.”

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“You have been incredible to work with. My only regret is that I didn’t get more face time with you because your energy is amazing and I kind of want to be you when I grow up.”


& get love. 

"The best guide to help you find your joy and purpose in life again"

and get my latest eBook “The Ultimate Guide to Opening Your Champagne Chakra: Release Negative Energy & Find Your Purpose & Joy in Life Again".


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