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If you could change or enhance something in your life-what would it be?

Love       Happiness       Success

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Grounding and Focus

Angelic connection

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I use beautiful gemstones to enhance my energy and ensure it is working with me instead of against me.  


Wearing gemstones can assist you in achieving a higher vibrational frequency and a deeper sense of balance. 


I am a Certified Kate King Vibrational Consultant and can analyze your vibrational signature and assist you in your gem selection. Kate began researching crystal healing when she was battling a challenging illness. Through her study of Quantum Physics and holistic healing, she developed a method of analysis to recommend stones that assist in harmonizing the physical vibration.  


Your frequency is specific to you so it is important that your gemstones match and compliment your resonance. These pendants are not only beautiful but hold a spiritual vibration that activates powerfully when you wear them. ​When I discovered these gems, I felt energy I had never experienced from gems before.


All the gems are hand cut and hand set into designs to enhance connection with images of empowerment and the gem cuts are based on sacred geometry.​ 

The Gemstones become like Tools in a Toolkit, each stone does a specific job.

 If you would like a personal vibration consultation to help you determine the best gems for you, please contact me below!

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