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    GIRL. The book.

    Ever wish someone had warned you about what would happen when you turned 13? Or what doesn't have to happen on prom night? Or that the most important thing you can do is love yourself for who you really are?

    I am writing a book about everything that I wished I'd learned a whole lot earlier, like, before I turned 12.


    A life of uncovering the secrets of women filled my head with questions.... Why is all this stuff about being a female so secret, weird, dirty, misinformed and misinterpreted? And why does sexual violence, slut shaming and bullying against girls and women continue when humans have evolved in so many other ways?

    Along my path to understand how to live a joy filled life that embraces being feminine, I have studied Yoga, Reiki and Tantra, ventured into coming of age and red tent ceremonies, found myself dancing around fires, conversing with with Sufis and Shamans, and sharing stories with women around the world.


    My book is filled with what I wish I was raised knowing, in hopes that girls can truly know how to access their core female power. Girls represent one of the greatest untapped resources of the world. Now is the time to share what we older females know. No more secrets, no more shame.


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