and transform your life


and transform your life.


Would You Like to Be Free From

Grief,  Sadness or Anger

Stress,  Anxiousness or Overwhelm

Negative Thoughts,  Self Doubt or Self Sabotage

Your heart is the best place to start your transformation. 


The human heart is more than a pump for blood, it is a source of intelligence that signals the brain and body and produces a powerful electromagnetic field imprinted by emotions. In fetal development, the heart forms and starts beating before the brain begins to develop. It produces the strongest electrical and magnetic fields in your body, up to 5,000 times stronger than the brain.


The heart has 40,000 neurons that can sense, feel, learn, and remember independently of the brain. These neurons form your heart brain which communicates with and has an influence on your cranial brain.  Your heart sends more messages to your brain than your brain sends to your heart.  Prior to this discovery in 1991, scientists believed that only the brain sent information to the heart.  When your heart is clouded by trapped emotions, your mind overrides the messages of your heart, keeping you from your natural instincts and intuition. Your heart has the ability to sense at least ten seconds before your brain does if something is good or bad. 


Energetic clearing is a powerful and simple way to release these blocks.  Emotional baggage may impact how you think, the choices you make, your abundance and your happiness.  Your heart is the essential connection between your body and your mind, and is the energetic tuner of your life. Since emotions are made of energy,  just like the rest of the body, they exert an influence on the physical tissues, and are a root cause of emotional and physical pain, create irrational fears & even allergies, and, they can block you from love and happiness. Heart walls are created by unprocessed emotions. 


Emotional baggage arises from negative emotions, which your body doesn’t properly process. The body might not process the emotions because they were  traumatic, overwhelming, or your body is out of balance in some way. Emotions are made of energy, and so is the body. Over time, emotional energy trapped in the body can interfere with physical and emotional wellness. Trapped emotions can cause people to become more strongly associated with certain emotions, impair the ability to feel positive emotions, cause feelings of disconnection, and even cause physical discomfort. I remove the trapped emotions that cause havoc in your body or mind. Most clients feel better almost instantly. In others, changes are subtle and become apparent over several sessions.


Family sessions are helpful for you to understand your children better and help them release emotional build up and trapped emotions.  A few things I’ve helped children with: divorce or separation in the family, nightmares or night terrors, dealing with difficult family members, and trapped emotions & emotional trauma from being bullied at school, .


Now is the time to remove the baggage so you can be free.  Energy release works quickly.  No endless hours of therapy: It is painless surgery for trapped emotions.  Download my preparation checklist and transform your life!





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Energetic clearing is a powerful and simple way to release emotional baggage and blocks in your life. Emotions that affect every relationships can be inherited, prenatal. or absorbed. You will see yourself in new ways, finding something has shifted or opened up so you can take action where you were stuck or didn't know which way to turn. Your relationships improve dramatically. 

Week One: Your relationship with Yourself 

Week Two: Your relationships with Family

Week Three: Your relationships with Friends, Colleagues and Career

Week Four: Intuitively assessed in week three

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What an incredible blessing it has been to have Celia support both me and my pre-teen boys release some past "stuck" trauma in our bodies allowing each of us to live with greater ease and freedom. Despite having a great number of tools and practices that support my self-care - I approached Celia to first support me with some heart walls I knew I couldn't release on my own at this time. Then, feeling the effectiveness, I was eager to see if she could support what I suspected were blocked heart walls with my boys (manifesting in anxiety, impulsivity, emotional regulation challenges, and some persistent bodily pain/discomfort with one of them in particular).  

It has been 2 months since Celia worked on my boys, while they slept (with my permission) - and I have been so grateful to see a free, easiness to them both ever since. The releasing of trapped emotions and each of their blocked heart walls has led to a greater freedom in their interactions, an almost immediate return to playfulness (with each other) and an impressive return to physical health.  Based on the shift I've witnessed for both of them - and experienced myself - I cannot recommend enough the impact of Celia's skillset on family health.  We are each less stunted by old patterns of behaviour (that were formed to protect each of us through some huge losses, but are/were no longer serving us), and now, for the first time in many years, I truly feel as though we are each living in our truth, diving back into a life of love and joy.

With gratitude!


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