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    March 17, 2018

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    Why #Arbonne 30?

    March 17, 2018

    I am my mothers daughter … she was always reading and researching optimal health and how to achieve it. We were vegetarians way before it was cool to do so, and she had every health food book in print in our  home library. We ate salad daily - and it was really the only thing I ever learnt to make in the kitchen because she was such a good cook. Because of her, I love good food. I was an organic farmer for over 20 years, and my ex and I grew most of the food we ate. 


    At this stage of my life, I can always find something to do besides cook!  But, I know I need to eat properly to fuel my body to live the optimal life I choose.


    I am a bit of a geek - I like to study from nutritional experts and doctors who know that our food affects our health, and science based research on nutrition and aging.


    My own history with food has taught me that my body reacts to lack of nutrients and allergenic and addictive foods. I have no energy without the right amount of protein. Dairy has always made my skin break out. If you put a bag of chips or liquorice in front of me, I will inhale it, and feel like crap.


    I was a very healthy vegetarian for 23 years, but when I was living in Indonesia I had dengue fever (for the 2nd time) and malaria at the same time. It took me a full year to recover from the dengue fever. Halfway through that year, my body started craving meat for the first time ever. It was what I refer to as my summer of meat - I could not get enough - I was craving protein and not eating well enough to get my usual plant proteins. 


    I had a nutritional deficiency. Last year my body did something similar when I started training at the gym.


    Those who have known me for a long time will agree that I have never been an athlete. I am more of a book worm.


    Because of this, I have never considered consuming protein powder until I started going to the gym. After my workouts I was so hungry I felt like I could eat a cow. 


    The bartenders at Haro’s can attest to my incredible appetite. I was going to the gym, and building muscle, but I was actually gaining weight and not feeling energetic like I thought I would.


    One of my athletic friends told me I needed protein shakes - pre and post workout. I tasted several brands. I have no interest in gagging down anything that I don’t like the taste of!!


    Now, almost everyday someone asks me what I am doing. 


    It is the Arbonne #30 program: A synergy of protein shakes, pre & probiotic digestive enzymes, fibre, detox tea, and healthy energy drinks. 


    The thirty day clean eating program helped me get away from the food addictions I had -mostly salty snacks, but a few sweets too. Bread. These foods, once I start consuming them, are so addictive to me that I stuff them in my mouth till my stomach hurts! You may have seen me do this :-)


    Now, the balance I feel in my body amazes me. I can walk by the snack isle, the bakery, and the coffee shop.


    I always have my healthy drinks with me - Arbonne’s Protein Shake, energy drink and detox tea. Armed with my own health drinks, I have lost weight, gained energy and saved money because I no longer consume empty calories. I have loved the changes in my energy, my cravings, my my food addictions.


    Arbonne give us science backed tools we need to live a healthy life. It teaches us to take control of our health.


    The Arbonne products  are scientifically formulated to correct nutritional deficiency. 


    So many of us eat a diet depleted in key nutrients. We consume too many empty calories with key vitamins and minerals missing. We are in a constant state of malnourishment, overweight or lacking energy. I was. I seemed healthy, but I know now that I was not.


    The body responds to this malnourishment by turning into conserve mode because it thinks it is starving - this results in a body unable to keep its metabolism at an optimal state.


    The #Arbonne 30 helps us move from acidic state to alkaline state. Disease exists in an acidic state. The program also eliminates toxins, allergenic foods like dairy or gluten, or addictive foods like sugar.


    50% of us have a sensitivity to foods that we don’t realize until we eliminate it. You can see if you do by eliminating it for 30 days, and you will know when you re-introduce it. Your body will tell you. 


    #Arbonne 30 is designed with the Glycemic Index to help blood sugars stay stable. 



    People who have tried this have noticed many health improvements including:


    Inflammation eliminated

    Weight loss

    Increased clarity

    Increased vitality


    If you want to know more send me a message!


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