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In Sanskrit, the sacral chakra is called Svadhistana, meaning one’s own place.


Your sacral chakra is home to your creativity, intimacy, passion, pleasure, freedom, sensuality, desire, procreation, movement, wonder and imagination. It’s energetically located in the lower abdomen and governs your bladder, bowels, sexual organs, uterus, the lower back: sacroiliac and lumbar spine, kidneys, hips  and lower abdomen. This feminine energy centre is your emotional and pleasure centre and needs attention if you are feeling depressive, tired or moody.  Trauma can block the very personal and powerful energy of this chakra.


The sacral chakra is responsible for creation in life and is a powerful reminder of what the human body is capable of, has an enormous effect on all women, and is generationally charged. All the eggs a woman will ever carry form in her ovaries while she is a four-month-old fetus in the womb of her mother. This means your cellular life as an egg begins in the womb of your grandmother and her experiences imprinted onto your mother and you.

This chakra holds an essential key to decision-making for many women. When it’s blocked, making decisions becomes a challenge. Being able to feel the yes in a decision in our sacral chakra us know if it’s right for us. When our chakra energy is out of alignment, some of our decisions are no longer in harmony with our truth. I like to look at each human as either tuned into his or her own station, or a radio station that someone tuned for them (parents, peers, society, church). If your antenna has been unconsciously accepting transmissions from other radio stations, your own radio waves are blocked.

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It's time for you to live an exquisite life, free of what's been holding you back.


You were made to live an exquisite life

After working with me, you will understand where your energy is blocked, what your blind spots are, how to avoid them, and your energetic blocks will be cleared. You will learn how to work with your own energy on a daily basis and set up an easy routine that leaves you in your highest vibration. You will understand how to shift your energy rapidly and get back to your highest vibration when things go haywire. 

Your body holds emotions and behaviour patterns that slowly build up over the years when you are unaware of them. Trapped emotions in the body are the single largest root cause of physical and emotional suffering, contributing to disease, unhappiness and confusion. Healing yourself emotionally allows you to be true to yourself and your desires, to follow your intuition and inner guidance and to live each day with joy. You are the best investment you will ever make, because what you do for yourself ripples into every one and every area in your life.



you are in the right place



Health issues can manifest in our physical, emotional, or energetic bodies. Many women hold a lot of emotion and trauma energetically, physically, it’s extra weight. Imbalances in the Sacral Chakra can result in painful cramps, infertility, mood swings, lower back pain, and urinary problems. What I call our Secret Societies of Shame live in this chakra. Shame is the lowest vibration of all of our emotions, and releasing it changes everything. Negative patterns in relationships, being numb to pleasure, and guilt and trauma are all the result of shame. Healing this chakra is the key to self love and connection with others, accepting change or new experiences, and embracing  passion in life. 

  • Package 1: Release Weight: Release the root cause of your excess weight your physical and energetic body. Root causes may include any of the following: trapped emotions, trauma, inherited, prenatal or absorbed emotions. Issues can be cleared about: your beliefs around your weight, body image, eating habits, drinking and exercise habits, your reasons, triggers and excuses, and your level of commitment. Finally you will choose foods and beverages to delete from your diet easily.

  • Package 2: Eliminate Period Pain: Release the root cause of your period pain your physical and energetic body. Root causes may include any of the following: trapped emotions, trauma, inherited, prenatal or absorbed emotions.  Issues can be cleared around the pain that keeps you in the fetal position at the start or throughout your period, the length and heaviness of flow.

  • Package 3: Better Sex & Relationships: Release the emotional residue of past partners and limiting beliefs from your physical and energetic body. Root causes may include any of the following: trapped emotions, trauma, inherited, prenatal or absorbed emotions. Clear your beliefs about: sexuality, intimacy and connection; triggers, desires, fears, worries and confidence issues, shame and or guilt. Sexual intimacy issues can be cleared about: lack of desire, lack of arousal, lack off orgasm, physical pain, physical dysfunction, lack of sexual freedom, lack of confidence, past sexual abuse, guilt over past behaviours, shame over past behaviours, unsure if this relationship is right, body image issues.

  • Package 4: Heal Your Heart: Release the emotional pain that is keeping you stuck. If you are feeling sad, lonely,  unable to get over a relationship, or having issues with someone at work or in your family, this is package is for you. The sacral and heart chakras are linked in emotional issues. Heart ache shows up in the brain the same way any pain does. A heart-wall is made of trapped emotions that cause relationship issues.  Heart walls are unprocessed negative emotions. They exist in 93% of people. Animals have them too. Release them so you can have healthier relationships.


$1111 CAD


  • 30 Day Energy Healing Packages: 2 90 minute sessions with remote healing sessions in between our calls. 

  • The Sacral Chakra 30 Day Self Guided Journal.

 I work with a small number of one to one clients over a minimum of one month in order to give them the time and attention they deserve. You receive remote energy healing from me twice each week for the duration of your time with me. 

Celia Louise


Champagne Chakra Coaching

You know something is holding you back, you just don’t know what it is. Over eight weeks you will gain clarity and focus to make the decisions and changes you need to elevate your life.


Champagne Chakra Coaching takes you through your elegant chakra system,  to clear your energy and raise your frequency at every step.

  • Eight weekly zoom sessions with remote healing sessions in between our calls. 

  • Self Guided Journal.


💕Body Chakras: Your lower three chakras hold the key to your emotional healing and accessing your instincts. Your body holds onto emotions that it has been unable to process. It can hold emotions that are trapped, inherited, prenatal, trauma or absorbed.  These emotions block your energy flow and your desires and keep you stuck in the past. These are removed from your physical and energy bodies.


💕Heart Chakra: Your heart chakra holds the key to your spiritual healing and accessing your truth and inner joy. Your heart has an energetic frequency thousands of times stronger than your mind. Healing your heart is what makes you literally more magnetic. Healing your heart creates much bigger transformation in you and your life than just healing your mind. The hidden wounds of your heart are energetically removed so you can be clear on all the things you want to be able to receive in your life and business (this alone triggers huge transformation). Your heart holds the wisdom to what is really holding you back and reveals hidden wounds the mind alone cannot uncover. The mind actually responds to the heart (not the other way around). No amount of mindset work will ever work if your heart is not open because your heart is the key to receiving all of your desires.​


💕Spiritual Chakras: Your upper three chakras hold the key to moving beyond your paradigms and accessing your intuition. Everyone has conditioning that keeps them stuck or keeps them moving forward. Your mind has been conditioned into a paradigm based on the lives of those who raised you, educated you and influenced you. You reconnect to source wisdom and intuition to elevate your frequency so you can achieve your desires in life.


 I work with a small number of one to one clients over a minimum of one month in order to give them the time and attention they deserve. You receive remote energy healing from me twice each week for the duration of your time with me. 

Celia Louise

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What an incredible blessing it has been to have Celia support both me and my pre-teen boys release some past "stuck" trauma in our bodies allowing each of us to live with greater ease and freedom. Despite having a great number of tools and practices that support my self-care - I approached Celia to first support me with some heart walls I knew I couldn't release on my own at this time.


Then, feeling the effectiveness, I was eager to see if she could support what I suspected were blocked heart walls with my boys (manifesting in anxiety, impulsivity, emotional regulation challenges, and some persistent bodily pain/discomfort with one of them in particular).  

It has been 2 months since Celia worked on my boys, while they slept (with my permission) - and I have been so grateful to see a free, easiness to them both ever since. The releasing of trapped emotions and each of their blocked heart walls has led to a greater freedom in their interactions, an almost immediate return to playfulness (with each other) and an impressive return to physical health. 


Based on the shift I've witnessed for both of them - and experienced myself - I cannot recommend enough the impact of Celia's skillset on family health.  We are each less stunted by old patterns of behaviour (that were formed to protect each of us through some huge losses, but are/were no longer serving us), and now, for the first time in many years, I truly feel as though we are each living in our truth, diving back into a life of love and joy.


With gratitude!


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