Would you like an energy tune up?



Quantum Physics has taught us that everything is energy.

If something doesn’t feel right in your life, it is likely that you are energetically blocked.


A Reiki session finds blocked energy in your chakras and releases these negative energies. Soothe your body, your mind and you heart with the healing power of Reiki. Focusing in the energy of the body, Reiki helps bring your physical, mental, and emotional state back into balance. By opening your energy blocks, which get stuck in your chakras and in areas of physical pain, Reiki helps you reduce stress, anxiousness, and tension while increasing your positive energy flow, generating mental clarity and spiritual well-being.


Reiki can help you:


Reduce your stress


Lessen feelings of anxiousness

Release grief

Lower pain


Increase your authentic positive energy

Clear your chakra system of stuck negative energy

Reduce stress 

Reiki creates the healing benefit of reducing stress and relaxing the body. I focus on the areas of your body that accumulate your stress. During stress and negative emotions, when the heart rhythm pattern is erratic and disordered, the corresponding pattern of neural signals traveling from the heart to the brain inhibits higher cognitive function. Throughout our session together, this blocked energy will be released and afterwards you will experience more regular heart rhythms, an improved mood, and overall stress reduction.

Lessen feelings of anxiousness

A common Reiki healing session distributes and increases the flow of positive energy in your body. Once your body increases the flow of positive energy and releases blocked negative energy, it will be more balanced. This balance creates authentic connection of your body, mind and heart. This allows you to experience a better mood, while feeling less frustration, fear, anger or irritation.


Release grief

It might sound unusual, however original Reiki Masters in Japan discovered that Reiki sessions help in the grieving process by moving the depth of negative energy often experienced with the loss of someone close to you. If you have been grieving recently, you might cry, or simply feel like you are releasing the pain in your heart during our session.


Lower Pain

A Reiki session can relieve a lot of pain caused by blocked energy. It manipulates the body in a different way than a massage, by moving the energy that gets stuck in the areas you hold your pain. 

Increase Positive Energy Flow

Would you like to change your energy, increase the flow of positive energy through your body, clear your mind, increase positive thoughts, and experience a stronger connection between body and mind and heart? You can feel your energy moving as I work to clear the energy that keeps you stuck and blocked in any area of your life.

Clear your chakra system of stuck negative energy

The chakras are wheels of energy and are the main energy centres of the body. When they spin freely they create harmony between the body, mind, and heart. Blocked energy in any of your chakras can lead to physical or emotional distress.

Yes, please!!

I would love to introduce you to this form of energy healing.


Reiki has been around for nearly 5,000 years, and is a deeply relaxing treatment that helps your unique life energy flow.


You will be laying down on my massage table if we are in person, or you may chose distance Reiki, because energy does not have boundaries.


Your session includes discussion time, Reiki, and tea & time to share at the end @ $150.

Contact me to book your session.

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