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    Tap Into Your Feminine Pleasure and Power

    While statistics vary, it is estimated that 30 to 50 % of all women have problems orgasming, and that 30 to 50 % of all women have been victims of rape or sexual abuse, mostly unreported. 


    For years, I believed that I was “broken”. I held a secret of sexual trauma deep within me that had filled me with shame for decades. Hearing about the healing effects of Tantra, I turned to Psalm Isadora. While working with Psalm and filming an episode about sexual healing of the award-winning CNN docu-series This is Life with Lisa Ling, I experienced a profound and transformational breakthrough. For the first time, I openly discussed the sexual trauma that I experienced at the age of 12.


    My disclosure not only made room for a happier and healthier life, but helped me realize how those non-addressed and deeply buried wounds affected my relationships. Facing my shame and finally being vulnerable released me to what I was seeking - the ability to love myself with all my flaws, to be at peace and accept everything that I have experienced.


    I spent one year studying with Psalm Isadora, and am a Certified Isadora Tantra Coach. I am honoured to serve as a lead trainer and I am continuing Psalm’s legacy to end sexual violence and change the way we teach teens about sex. 

    I believe that inadequate sex and relationship information and education leaves young girls vulnerable to the trauma that I experienced.

    I am here to share my story, especially with parents and teenagers. I experienced sex as something I could not figure out. It was not painful, but it was not pleasurable.  I felt disempowered and shut down around my sexuality and femininity, being taught that it wasn’t safe to be sexual. 


    I was like many other women, uneducated about female pleasure potential. I was also unaware of how fairly regular teenage realities such as teasing or body shaming can subtly, over time, create “armour” on our erogenous zones leaving us to feel no pleasure where there should be much pleasure. Nothing I tried, books or videos, changed this, until I turned to Tantra with Psalm. I did not realize how much our body holds onto - anger, hurt, trauma - tension that can severely limit how much pleasure you can experience during sex.


    As a mother, grandmother, aunt, and friend, I am committed to breaking through the silence that surrounds sex education, so that all females can understand how their body experiences sex and self pleasure for better mental and physical health, whether alone or in relationships, throughout their life. I am committed to helping other women break through their issues and lack of orgasms with the incredible healing power of the Isadora Tantra practices.


    The secret to a healthy and happy life is taking care of our abdomen and pelvis area. I have noticed that this is the area where women gain weight and host health problems (digestive and disease) more than any other area. My studies in Reiki and Tantra have shown me that females have energy blocks in this area that profoundly affect their physical and mental health.


    For most of my adult life I had a pain in my stomach that felt like it was the size of a baseball. It was a knot that never went away, and seemed to grow as I aged until it felt like a bowling ball. It hurt. Finally it was so bad my doctor sent me for an x-ray.  Nothing to be seen. But, oh, my, I could feel it. During my yoga and reiki studies in Mexico, I was introduced to the concept of energy in the body - that we have chakras and meridians that energy flows through. East meets west. I was intrigued. I did not have trouble understanding the concepts - I could see how people have energies. I often say - I love her energy - but never thought about what it really could mean. Some days our energy is low, some days high. It is affected by the things that go on in our life, and how we react to them. 


    Now I understand that we have energy lines that run inside of us that cannot be seen like our other body parts. Eastern medicine has acknowledged them for centuries, and I have learned to feel them and move the energy in my body with my breath.


    I have been able to shatter the energy block I carried for so many years, and I am healthier and happier because I know how to properly care for my female body. Women who start to understand their body and take on the practice of caring for it, all see the same results. You can too. And best of all, we can teach this to our daughters so they can have a more vibrant life free of the energy blocks that females experience.


    Recent research confirms what osteopaths, and tantra and sexual health healers have been saying for many years: trauma is held in our cells. This is the energy block. My tantra teacher liked to say “the issue is in the tissue”. I did not understand this when I first started working with her, but as I continued to use the techniques she taught me, the ball of pain that I had held in my stomach for decades disappeared.


    Trauma can be mild to extreme, and we might not recognize that we have it. I certainly did not know that what I understood to be my shame, was actually trauma. 


    Trauma held in our pelvis can be brought on by:


    sexual shaming

    slut shaming


    sexual assault

    sexual abuse 





    death of a child

    giving a child up for adoption 

    mental abuse 

    physical abuse 


    Sexual trauma can also come from our own experience with sex, such as penetration before our vaginas are fully ready for it or having sex when we don’t want to. Trauma held in the cervix can occur from a situation you cannot get out of - such as child sexual abuse. As Naomi Wolf wrote in her book, Vagina, sexual trauma is not just forced sex; it is a form of injury to both the brain and body.


    There are many feminine wounds. So many tears and so much pain. The pit of our stomach keeps us aware of them. Inside of many of us is a little girl who just wants to be loved, and this is why the practice of self love is so helpful. 


    Our hurts turn into our anger. Holding on to this anger only hurts and victimizes us. It does not punish the person who hurt us .. it punishes us. 


    When we don’t listen to our ‘NO” - and we continually ignore our boundaries in order to be liked, we continue to create damage - these subtle damages add up, and become trauma in our tissue. 


    The cervix is the source of my favourite and the most powerful of female orgasms, and it is an area where many women hold trauma. Trauma can cause the cervix to be numb to pleasure and require something called de-armouring. De-armouring, a therapy named by Wilhelm Reich works to relieve chronic tension, which Reich called ’armour’. I found that his work acknowledged the role of breath - ie diminished breathing  - as a symptom and a cause of the armour - this is my direct experience. I had been holding my breath often since my traumatic experience at 12.


    It took me three months of daily practice to de-armour my cervix and finally access my sexual energy and experience orgasm through self pleasure. The cervix, according to the leaders in the tantra community, and the experience of women who have opened themselves up to these teachings, is the energy source of your life.


    People who experience cervical numbness usually experience the same numbness in their throat. There is a connection between the throat and the cervix. You can feel it when you squeeze your PC muscles, and notice that your throat muscle also tightens. The throat hosts the chakra concerned with speaking your truth - and often this is a problem for anyone who has experienced sexual trauma. Try to relax your throat and your jaw (often mentioned in yoga classes) and see if you can make the connection between your vagina and you throat. Voice is a sensation of vibration that also extends to your vagina. Try to notice these connections and the practice them for a more embodied life and better sex. 


    Activate your full potential. Join me…



    Tap Into Your Feminine Pleasure and Power


    More Energy, Vitality, Confidence and Creativity


    I incorporate movement through OYoga (a fun and super effective combination of yoga and dance to help women unlock their blocked chakras), vaginal self care and anatomy, a self pleasure practice, meditation, breath work, energy work, and chakra awakening to help you access your feminine power in my one on one mentoring program. 

    Activating your powerful, feminine essence – also known as Shakti – is going to give you a boost of energy, vitality and creativity in all areas of your life. Once you allow this energy to flow through you (instead of holding it back because people could judge you or feel intimidated) you’ll feel vibrant, alive and full of energy. You’ll be motivated and inspired, perfectly equipped to live your life as fully as you can imagine.The more you get to know yourself, your sexuality and your body, the more confident you’ll feel.


    This program will help you to fall in love with yourself! Getting in touch with your feminine body and really getting to know yourself on a deep, intimate level is truly a sacred experience! AND the first and crucial step to loving yourself and keeping your heart open.


    If you are frustrated because you can’t orgasm, or sex is just not great for you, and you don’t believe that there are tools out there that will help you. I get it.


    And trust me when I say: You’re absolutely not alone.

        •    In fact… did you know that at least 1/3 of women rarely or never have an orgasm?

        •    And that at least 1/3 of women are suffering from sexual trauma from the past?


    We take classes to learn how to drive a car, dance, cook, yoga, pilates, art … but sex … we fumble in the dark, often drunk, and think that is going to get us to movie star romance and bedroom bliss.


    Most women just tend to give up. I did for many years. Now I want to share with you how deeply liberating it is to let go of fear and shame and guilt, and access your feminine core power and pleasure.  “Sure”, you might want to say, “but I don’t know HOW!?”


    I hear you. And that’s exactly what I’m here to help you with.


    What's Included?


    One 30 Minute Complimentary Clarity Call prior to beginning, to answer your questions.


    Two 60 Minute Mentoring Sessions to keep you on track and answer your questions.



    For many decades, information in anatomy texts did not include all of the female anatomy! In order to take care of ourselves, we need to know what we have and how it works. This information will enlighten you.


    Here I include what you need to know about your female body. I combine self care techniques, exercises for strengthening your pelvic floor, and self pleasure techniques so you can learn how to bring your body to the many different kinds of female orgasm. I include a tantra glass pleasure wand for this practice. 


    Video of OYoga, a fun and super effective combination of cardio, yoga and dance to help you open your 1st and 2nd chakras. 



    Explore your chakras and see where your energy blocks are located, and how to unblock them to live a fully energized life.  Energetic blockages are created in the body from both small and large trauma. The body doesn’t lie - unblocking my chakras allowed me to fully experience my body for the first time since I was a child.  Included are 7 video trainings (one for each of your Chakras) to identify what roadblocks you have that are holding you back from your full potential and energy and finally breaking through these blocks to unleash your inner Shakti. 


        ◦    For unlimited energy

        ◦    Increased performance

        ◦    More creativity

        ◦    To unlock your unique genius

        ◦    Find your bold voice



        ◦    For business (eye contact, connection and confidence)

        ◦    For Friends and Family (have more harmonious family life)

        ◦    For Intimacy and Romance (connect on the mind, body and soul level)



    A simple two-part exercise to release your heart from fear.

    Would you like to share this with a girl friend and save money?


    I am happy to send you two tantra glass pleasure wands to the same address and talk with both of you during the one on one calls for an additional $50.



    Private CAD $ 550


    Semi-Private  CAD $ 600

    In person CAD $750 (If you live in Victoria, BC or would like to travel here).

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