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Would You Like to Elevate Your Vibrational Frequency?

💛It is time to start your journey⚡️Elevate your energetic frequency to your heart's desire💛

No more sitting on the sidelines of your life.


Elevate your vibration by taking a journey into the field of consciousness with me. Conscious Reading is a joyful exploration into that which you yearn to know more about.


By asking the questions you are curious about, I am able to provide you an experience of  your desires by working within the high frequency fields you aspire to.


Conscious Reading is a message from the field that leaves you in a high vibration of joy, peace, clarification and new possibilities.  It represents your desires, and shows you what your soul wants you to understand about your desires.

All questions are orders to the universe.


The more things you question, the better your questions get. The better your questions get, the more you understand and get into the flow state that brings your desires to you rather than the fear state that repels your desires.

I invite you to reach for your stars and fulfil the desires you have.

Joy vibrates at 540, and many people vibrate around the 250 level simply because they have accepted the patterns they have been conditioned into. This will help you get to the feeling of your desires and out of your conditioning. It is recorded so you listen anytime you need.


Your conscious reading will show you the path to your new pattern.

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Conscious Reading is high vibration work about growing into your desires. Working with the law of attraction and the law of vibration, you are harmonized to your desired frequency in the field of consciousness, the space in which everything is created.

I will focus on your desires by asking the field an afformation of your desired desired outcome. Afformations guide me to access your higher self:

Does the field have a gift for me today?

What is my next step for my business?

Which symbol may accompany me this year?

What signs does the field have for me this year?

What were the actions I did to achieve my goal?

What message does my future self have for me?

Does the field have a message for me today?

What is my next step for better health?

What is my biggest potential this year?

⭐️ Are You Ready? ⭐️

All sessions are recorded so you can play them as often as you desire.

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 3 Session


$999 USD

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