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Welcome to the



  • What if... you had a system to bring your body, mind and heart into alignment?

  • What if... you were free of resistance and old patterns held no power over you?

  • What if... you could finally act on your life purpose?


...without taking 3 years off to find yourself in India, or numbing yourself with wine to appear happy?



Here’s how you deal with a life that feels unfulfilled:

  • You pretend everything is ok, when deep inside you are crying.

  • You tell your doctor, you medicate, yet nothing changes.

  • You drink wine, read a romantic novel, and tell yourself it isn’t that bad.

  • You watch Eat, Pray, Love hoping that Julia Roberts will cheer you up.

You remember the potential you had.

Now you are here and you are ready.

Dear Friend,

It’s true. 


A few years ago, I was bumping along in my life, believing that everything was ok. I thought that I was strong, positive and could handle ANYTHING life threw at me. My life wasn’t perfect, but neither was anyone else’s, right?




One morning I woke up wondering if I could make it another day. 


It was not just one thing, but the accumulation of a several stressful stressful events stretched over a period of years. My only child moved away to attend university; my marriage had ended in divorce; I was taking care of my elderly father, and my then boyfriend after his accident; I completely switched career paths; and I had moved from the community and friends I had known for more than half my life.


Physically, I felt depleted and defeated. I literally ached with a longing I didn’t understand. All my usual pick-me-ups no longer worked: no matter how much food, exercise, sleep, or feel-better alcoholic beverages I gave myself, things only seemed to get worse. 


Was life really worth living? This was an entirely new thought to me and it scared me. Anxiety flooded my body and mind, bringing with it thoughts of the people in my wider social circle lost to suicide. I could feel the despair they must have felt, to reach such a point of no return. And here I was, in a similar place. What if I couldn’t turn this around? 


I was in a swirl of feelings: sadness; fear, and even anger. Life was now complicated. Where was my “owner’s manual”? How did I get this far off track, without even being able to see it coming? I loved the word Namaste, meaning “the light in me sees the light in you”.  I knew that my light had gone dim. My energy was low, and I did not like this version of myself.


I mustered up enough courage to take the only steps I could think of: I call my doctor and a friend who is a therapist. I didn’t like their suggestions. Drugs and talk therapy. 


I like action.


I wanted to know how to operate my body and mind. 

I wanted my owners manual!

I knew that I had do something to get my life back on track, and in my control. Talk therapy and drug therapy absolutely did not appeal to me. There must be a different way. I was both attracted and repelled by the saying “all the answers are inside of you”. So the first thing I did was get on a plane to Mexico for a 6 week intensive training in Yoga.


The 6 weeks helped me enormously. And yet, I still felt a deep ache I could not figure out. So I continued on my quest to find out how to stop my negative self talk, how to fix the ache in my gut, and how to locate my happy self. I went to great lengths to find what I was looking for. It took a few years, and thousands of dollars in training. I sought answers from all kinds of practitioners: Reiki, Meditation, Tantra, HeartMath, Brain Story, and The Emotion Code. I studied neural science, social and emotional intelligence, quantum physics. I learned things that no one in my family or school taught me.


I discovered that each practice helped me a little. I got happier bit by bit. Then I realized that when I took my favourite parts of each practice, and used them in a holistic system, I finally had my owners manual!! 


Not any one of these things on its own is enough… it is the combination of them working together that REALLY make me happy. Finally I understand what it takes to live to the beautiful zone I call The Champagne Chakra, which is simply the natural state of having all of your energy flowing freely. If something gets stuck, I have the resilience skills to get my energy flowing again. And you will too!

It wasn’t time that had healed me.


Knowledge of the holistic system of the human body, mind & heart. In school I was taught that my body & brain would naturally decrease in ability as I aged and there was nothing I could do about that, and my heart was simply to pump blood. Turns out, this is not true! 


In ancient times things used to be secretive. Knowledge was withheld and only shared with longtime students who “earned” the right to it… often had to be men, over forty, born into certain families, etc. And let’s not forget all the “witches” who were burned at the stake. All to keep people from knowing how powerful they truly are.


When I applied the greatest ancient wisdom with exciting modern science, what happened in my body, mind & heart was life changing: 


  • The “mystery” pain in my stomach is gone. I had been disconnected from my body since I was raped at 12. I thought this didn’t affect me, but when the cluster of trapped emotions the size of a bowling ball released from my stomach, I was free of a mystery pain that doctors could not identify. The pain had been so bad that I was sent for x-rays. I had been told the pain must be in my head, but what I discovered was that emotions can be trapped anywhere in you body and may express as pain or disease. No x-ray machine can detect the energy of trapped emotions causing the pain. Until the release of my trapped emotions, my body could barely respond to what other women felt pleasurable. Once it released I felt the pleasure in my body like other women did! Imagine if this trapped emotion had been released right after the rape. The sooner we release trapped emotions, the better our life becomes. And, thankfully, it is never too late to do this!! 


  • I lost 20 pounds without trying. It melted off as I released the emotions that caused the weight gain, and has stayed off for years.


  • It’s totally changed my sleep.  Before, I couldn’t sleep through the night. I’d fall asleep but I’d wake up in the middle of the night, staring at the ceiling for 3 hours between 2 and 5 am. Science tells us we have less melatonin with age, and that these issues should get worse over time. Instead, I now sleep through the night, and get a full 7-8 hours with no interruption, and wake up feeling rested.


  • I am happy! The deep sadness and depression that kept me in bed for months went away. No medication required!


  • I no longer worry. I used to worry about EVERYTHING.

  • I can change my brain at ANY time. EASILY. I discovered I could reprogram my neural pathways and that my limiting beliefs were not things I was stuck with. A new neural pathway can start within three days of reframing your stuff, and in thirty days it is the pathway is complete.


  • Instead of seeking validation from my friends about a “victim” belief I have, I create the change I need with the skills I have learnt. I am a hell of a lot happier!!! Yes, this is worth mentioning twice because I am so much happier than even before things went south… Better than ever. NO victim mentality AT ALL anymore. And time with my friends is so much more fun!


  • All my anger has gone away. I used to only see what bothered me. I became an angry person. My world got smaller and smaller. The things I was upset about consumed me. Now I have normal emotions, I feel them and then let them go. No more resentment!


  • I don’t take things personally anymore. I accept that everyone is doing the best they can with the tools they have learnt, and until they learn new tools, their beliefs and behaviour won’t change.


  • I am now able to choose how I respond to what happens in my life. Before, I didn’t know how to not react. I was REACTIONARY to everything. I am not at the mercy of what happens to me.


  • I am now able to forgive and even feel compassion for people who’ve harmed me, I don’t take things personally anymore.


  • When relationships need to end, they do so on a beautiful, graceful note.


  • I have freed up so much energy that allows me to focus on what I want like never before. 

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Let me introduce you to them!

The Champagne Chakra System is a unique “body, mind & heart” system that provides you with a tool kit that will enable you master both your personal and your acquired energy. This mastery clears the way for an authentic life. This is a system of intentional and holistic action with an approach that honours the complexity of human nature. When your energy is free it flows like champagne bubbles throughout your entire body in a river of joy. Time spent deep in a meditation cave is not needed. This is a modern, practical system. A system that is a little playful, because we all need to have some fun! Here’s the best part:  every skill I use and teach is simple and has modern research to back up my personal experience.


When I created The Champagne Chakra System, I drew on my extensive studies in HeartMath, Brain Story, The Emotion Code, Tantra, Yoga, Meditation, and Reiki. Ancient wisdom marries modern science. It is evidence based, science backed, and includes the best practices from my professional experiences in resilience and reinvention.  With a Masters Degree in Human Security and Peace Building, my work in conflict and post conflict zones has proven to me that people can rise from any life experience with courage, grace and love in their hearts. 

The Champagne Chakra is a proven 3 part system that allows you to create your desired change quickly and easily. 


When your energy changes, your life changes.

Let’s change it! 


Extensive studies in Tantra, Yoga, Meditation, & Reiki lead me to an authentic “body, mind & heart” system complimented by the best practices from my professional experiences for resilience and reinvention.

Your body has an intricate energy system, with a governing meridian and 7 main chakras that have been studied for centuries in eastern medicine. They connect to the major nerves, organs and glands that govern your body. 


The word chakra is as ancient Sanskrit word meaning “wheel”. The chakras are wheels of energy and are the main energy centres of the body. When they spin freely they create harmony between the body, mind, and heart. 


Blocked energy in any of your chakras can lead to physical or emotional distress. Life energy and love of self and others go hand in hand. Your relationship with yourself affects your life, and therefore the lives of those around you. 


By acknowledging your energy and learning where it is blocked you are incorporating the wisdom from ancient cultures with the science of today. 


The lower three chakras are related to survival emotions: doubt, fear, anger, insecurity, worry, anxiety, judgment, competition, hostility, sadness, guilt, shame, depression, lust. 


The fourth (heart) chakra is the important bridge from your lower chakras to your higher chakras. The emotions of the heart chakra are gratitude, love, joy, inspiration, peace, trust, presence. 


Crossing the bridge from our lower to our higher three chakras brings elevated energies of truth, intuition, connection to the universe and places us on our divine path. 


The Champagne Chakra System will guide you to change quickly and easily. When your energy changes, your life changes. All chakras are connected, and I work with them as a system. When your energy flows freely, oxytocin is released, creating an overwhelming feeling of love for life. This system is what I call the Champagne Chakra. This is a holistic system for body, mind & heart alignment. Mastering your energy connects you to the vibration of universal love. Like champagne bubbles flowing through you, your authentic self is now magically alive. This energy wakes you up to what life is all about. You feel awe. You feel joy. Here, your heart feels expansive, and it grows stronger every time you create this state. You now lead your life with grace and courage.

Our time together will be effective and focused on your particular needs because you are unique. All you have to do is say yes and be open to the process.


Clearing emotions is a powerful and simple way to release the trapped emotions in your life, eliminating your “emotional baggage” and opening your heart and body to the positive energies of the world. Change does not have to be long or difficult. 


Emotion release work is liberating and works for adults, children, & animals. We all have a subconscious mind that knows everything about us. Using the power of subconscious mind I identify the exact trapped emotion that is contributing to the barriers manifested in your lived experiences. Upon discovery of the location of the issue I release your trapped emotions painlessly. I have mastered this skill using a process called The Emotion Code and I will be utilizing this, along with the intuitive guidance I receive during your session.


Working with energy allows me to work with you from a distance. I can connect with you by proxy, which means that during a session I can act as a proxy as I connect to your energy field. This allows me to receive answers from your subconscious mind in order to identify imbalances that are the root cause of the barriers you’re experiencing. You must give permission for me to connect with you this way and we are only connected during our session. With your permission I will also ask your subconscious the severity of your issue before and after we work on it. This allows me to monitor our progress.

The Champagne Chakra System for

Body, Mind & Heart


The Champagne Chakra System connects your body mind & heart to create and maintain your positive energy field. If you take it for granted, it becomes conditioned to energy patterns that keep you stuck. 

Every session we will be clearing trapped emotions from your body, mind and heart. Trapped emotions are the energetic residual of unprocessed emotions experienced in your life. This energetic residual can also include inherited emotions from past generations in your family. These emotions are a concentration of energy comparable to the size of a baseball to a cantaloupe and can be lodged anywhere in the body. They can exert a dramatic effect on how and what you think, the choices you make, how you react to everyday challenges, and can prevent you from living your life to the fullest potential.


Emotionally charged events from your past may be influencing you in the form of trapped emotional energy. By energetically accessing the subconscious mind, using principles of quantum physics (emotions are energy that can be transformed) trapped emotions can be released, freeing you from your negative past experiences without ever having to relive them.


Alongside the emotion clearing, you will learn and practice the following skills:


  • to shift your energy to keep your vibration high.

  • to meditate easily with an active energy meditation practice.

  • to release fear, anger and other negative emotions from your body.

  • to calm your mind & body and lower stress levels.

  • to release negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. 

  • to respond rather than react.

  • to have clarity in decision making.

  • to live your life as a creator rather than a victim.

  • to bring your heart and brain into coherence.

  • to access the wisdom in your heart & your authentic power.

  • to improve your communication skills in every relationship.

  • to achieve forgiveness & gratitude for yourself,  so past experiences don't run your life.


Join me in the Champagne Chakra! The only way to change is action. The actions here are accessible, life changing, moving you from from fear to love.  You think sixty to seventy-thousand thoughts a day. If you are stuck where you don’t want to be, know that most of your thoughts are the same repetitive thoughts from the days, months, years you’ve manifested prior to this day. These repetitive thoughts emit the same consistent energy and information in your personal energy field and you re-create the same life. Repetitive thoughts lead to the same choices, behaviours and therefore, experiences. The heart is a source of intelligence that sends more messages to your brain than your brain sends to your heart. With 40,000 neurons that sense, feel, learn and remember independently of our brain, these neurons are your “heart brain” and it communicates with and influences your cranial brain. It is the most powerful organ in your body, & learning to understand it is essential. 

The Champagne Chakra System will take you through EVERYTHING you need to know about releasing energetic blocks and fears; and building your own toolkit for an unshakable authentic life.


With accessible tools that I put together from years of experience my clients are able to remove their limiting beliefs and experience a total energetic shift.


As I guide you through learning where and why your energy is blocked, and you learn to embrace your life with unshakable authenticity, I will continue to be available to you during the experience. 


If you are ready to free yourself from old patterns and release energetic blocks & fears so you can live an unshakable authentic life, this is perfect for you. 

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 Nine weeks to a life you love  ... 🍾


You receive:

weekly emotion clearings

& training in essential resilience skills

& inner strength mastery

Resulting in your authentic, unshakable life.


Private & Group Online sessions available.


Private  $1800 CAD

Group: $900

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