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Are you at the moment where you are questioning everything about your life?

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My name is Celia, and I have been there. You are ready for change and need some guidance to get you back to your happy, motivated self. 

My Love Your Life course introduces you to your chakras and the energetic body, mind & heart blocks that prevent you from living the life you desire.

Maybe you’ve heard of Chakras but don't know where to start.


Maybe you are curious about how align your energy to be in your natural flow state for optimal joy and success in your life.


The research I have done has revealed that there are energetic patterns held in our chakras that create unhappiness and confusion. These patterns slowly build up over the years when you are unaware of them. Something is wrong, but you ignore it.  Then it sneaks up on you. You wake up one day to realize that you are pretending everything is ok, but deep inside you are unhappy. You don’t know why or what to do about it.

It happens to most of us around the age of 30. What you learned from your parents or church or school doesn’t feel right anymore. You are busy, but unfulfilled. Life is not as meaningful as you desire. Negative thoughts and rumination may make it difficult to sleep some nights. You wonder where your happy self disappeared. Do you find yourself asking questions like:

  • “Something doesn’t feel right, but what is it?”

  • “Where did my happy, fun, curious self go?’

  • “How do I deal with the anger and other emotions that are spilling out of me?”

  • “Where can I express my fears without being judged?”

  • “Why has my relationship gone from fun to flat?”  

It doesn’t have to be this way.


I know you are frustrated, and I also know that underneath this frustration, you are smart, talented, and fun.

The good news is that this is not what you are stuck with. You didn't arrive here with a manual, but my course is the manual I wish we all had arrived with. You can return to your happy self again and we will have some fun on the way!


If you’re experiencing a build‐up of frustration you can change this. You are a passionate, loving, and joyful being, so the warrior within you wants to rise up and fight.


If you have made it here, your heart is guiding you to learn how to handle your life with the grace you know is possible. I invite you to stay here with me before proceeding further with any decisions you are grappling with.


This is your time to remember what you are made of and regain your composure by uncovering your blind spots. We all have areas of our lives where we haven't seen the inside out nature of life.


If you feel this deep inside, then know that I built this course for you.


I take a pragmatic unique approach to the chakras - I take the woo woo out & put a little fun in. The purpose of life is to enjoy it!  In Love Your Life, you will reset your energy so that who you truly are on the inside is aligned with who you are on the outside. Get off autopilot, shake things up & love your life again!








Imagine How Happy You Will Feel When:

You wake up excited to live each day to the fullest.

Love Your Life helps you clear your negative emotional energy and uncover the real you. You uncover your unshakable inner joy and confidence to embrace the person you are, the very best version of yourself.


You are a source of peace and joy in your household.

You understand change starts with you and are ready for a little tough love: it's you, not them.  And all boats rise with the tide - when you change, others change around you. By working on aligning your body, mind and heart you change your energy field and therefore your relationship dynamics.

You wake up in the morning with the wonder and awe of your youth.

You’ve had a lifetime of learning self sabotaging bad habits. Love Your Life gives you tools to help you get out of your own way and gets you actively improving your life right away with science backed & ancient wisdom time tested actions.


You go from feeling stuck and frustrated to being happy & loving life.

This is a much more graceful way to live your life. You gain a fresh perspective and tools to handle life's challenges gracefully. I put my decades of professional expertise and my own personal experience into an easy-to-follow program so that you can do the same. The mastery of you is not achieved in isolated practices. The real magic happens when you understand yourself as a whole synergistic system. I help you understand, process & master emotions in your Body, Mind & Heart so you can live and love your life. Access the life skills you should have been taught in Middle School. This is about your synergy.

All you have to do is click the button below to get started.

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“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” 


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ENGAGE  &  Release Patterns That Keep You Stuck.

Week 1: The Root of You

Engage and activate your natural energy patterns.


Week 2: Your Creativity & Passion

Engage your natural creativity and vitality.


Week 3: Your Personal Power

Engage your genuine inner power.


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EXPAND & Align your Energy. 

Week 4: Your Magnetic Heart

Expand and align your vibrational resonance.

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ELEVATE  &  Free Your Mind and Activate Your Intuition.

Week 5: Your Voice

Elevate your presence with your true voice.


Week 6: Your Intuition

Elevate your thoughts, insights and intuition.


Week 7: You Are Connected

Elevate to the interconnected web of universal love & wisdom.


In addition to the course, I have some amazing bonuses for you!


Bonus 1. Tool Kit: Making Meditation Easy (PDF)

Bonus 2. Tool Kit: Meditations for Your Chakras (Recording)

Bonus 3. 6 Month access to Love Your Life Membership

On the fence about whether this is for you?

Here is what my other students are saying about my program:


"I am especially grateful for Celia and her focus on the heart during Covid 19, when we have had no choice but to stay present with our feelings and those of our family members.  I often think about love, but this program has offered me new ways to think about it. Its practices have also allowed me to feel on a visceral level the power I have in my heart, power enough to heal myself and my three kids. I really like the secret squeeze. It's simple, effective, and doable in all kinds of situations. I have spent a difficult past few years, raising three sensitive and struggling kids on my own, and fearing there was no hope for us. I want to tell you that I feel much lighter after starting this program than I have in months. In fact, I can't remember feeling this peaceful. And while I find crying in front of people painful and embarrassing, your warm responses were exactly the medicine I needed. My kids have certainly benefited. I haven't seen them this smiley and playful in a long time.”





Everybody needs a Celia. Her passion for helping me love my life changed my life and here is how:


Before this, there was a war in my head. Now, I have a calm understanding that life doesn’t have to be painful to be exciting or to get what I want. I am motivated by my passion for life not pain & struggle. I don’t expect something external to make me happy. 


I used to say I didn’t know what to do, now I understand that I know the right thing to do. I trust myself now. 


I am no longer on autopilot. I have control of my thoughts and my actions. I don’t harm myself in all the ways I used to. I truly love myself now. I have given up what didn’t serve me: getting, high, drinking, getting the girl just because I could. 


I don’t think before this I ever had my own thoughts.  I followed other people’s thoughts. I was driven by fear, the unknown, and wanting to find the negative in everything instead of the positive in everything. I used to get so mad. The “victim” role was me. Blowups escalated. I would take offence so easily. Not now. No more “flipping my lid”. Celia has the ability to reach out to you in a way that makes you feel safe so you feel free to express your deep-seated fears, insecurities, secrets without feeling that you are being judged.


The other day, I was aware that my cheeks hurt…why? Because I am smiling all the time again! I feel so good I don’t even know how to express it. I have my happy, fun, curious self back. 





My 9 year old son was not acting like himself for almost a month: he was angry, yelling at me, throwing things and making bad choices. He revealed some difficult emotions to me in a conversation but was very against seeing a counsellor. This period of parenting was draining and frustrating, probably for both of us. Celia to the rescue! We did an Emption Code session, and within three hours, his mood improved, and by the next morning, I had my familiar happy, curious, loving child back! Within a day, I had the boy I recognized living with me, and he agreed. His mood and our relationship was on familiar happy ground again, and my son agreed. The Emotion Code work brought back the ease and joy of a positive growth-focused relationship rather than one centred around punishment, anger and bad choices. Most adults have to carry around stuck emotions from childhood. We zapped them out of the way which returned him to a clean slate. Just as a child should have. Celia’s work was, quite simply, magical, noticeable and family-changing.



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This is for you if you are ready for change:

You are willing to change and take action, with my support

You are open & willing to trust in a process to expand your life 

You are willing to move beyond your perceived limitations & elevate for a new result  


I’ve been a successful mentor for over 25 years, and have a Masters’ Degree in Human Security and Peacebuilding, and Certifications in HeartMath, Brain Story, The Emotion Code, Tantra, Yoga, Reiki & Meditation.

The concept that we are all connected through an energy field has fascinated me since my days of teaching others to grow food, in Canada, California, & Indonesia. I practiced my energy skills with plants, animals & water. My second career focussed on peace, human rights and humanitarian aid. This work showed me the best examples of human resilience, kindness and love. These experiences expanded my appreciation for life - how lucky we are to have the opportunity to connect with others, make a difference where we can, and try every day to make the world a better place.


Still, my biggest life lesson was learning to change myself. I had to overcome my limiting beliefs, and embrace forgiveness and gratitude in order to embrace my authentic self. When I learned how my unprocessed emotions become stuck energy in my chakras from the experiences in my life, and then found ways to release this stuck energy, I was suddenly free of what held me from fulling living the life I desired. Now I was hooked.

I love to share the practices that radically changed my life, brought me joy,  and allowed me to embrace my authentic self.  Almost everyone has some stuck emotional energy. It could be from childhood in the form of conditional love from a parent, sexual assault, limiting beliefs (family, religion, culture), family responsibilities, or inappropriate parent or authority figure behaviour. It can also be stuck emotional energy from adult life in the form of loss of work, moving, change of career, rejection, divorce, limiting beliefs (family, religion, culture), the death of someone close to you, or family responsibilities.

Let's do this!

xo, Celia

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Love Your Life Online Course

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