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    Hi! I'm Celia 


    Creator. Entrepreneur. Teacher. Humanitarian. Mother. Grandmother. Aunt. Friend. Mentor. Writer. Artist. My life story is a curious catalogue of wild and wonderful passion projects, that most days even I find hard to believe!

    In all of my reinventions of myself ... one theme remained constant since I was a little girl. My life mission is to be of service.

    Being blessed with a few struggles along my life path that remind me daily how awesome it is to be alive. Being a good citizen used to mean that I cared more for others than I did for myself.... I know better now!

    Yes, that is what happens when you crash, and then pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and say to the world, I can do this.

    Loving, supporting and achieving more is easier when I glow from the inside out.... healthy, happy and vibrant!

    I have more energy than ever and a passion to help others live a “life well lived and well loved”.

    Mentoring young women determined to build the life of their dreams is my biggest passion.

    I resisted social marketing for years. Witnessing the success of several women I admire and love is why I am here.

    Creating a tribe of amazing Glow Getters thrills me ... I love the combination of team work and independence and can’t wait to work with you as we all succeed together!

    XO Celia 



    Glow Getters:


    High Energy.
    Healthy bodies.

    Happy minds.



    Financial reward.


    A tribe of friends committed to improving ourselves and the lives of others.

    We empower each other to live life on our own terms while making a difference and making it big. We are here to elevate one another by providing inspiration, exploration and purposeful action. At the end of the day,we are all about financial freedom, fulfillment, friendships and feeling amazing both inside and outside.

    We celebrate the strong, confident and powerful women in our lives through recognition, rewards and gifts. We deserve to dream big and work hard to make it happen and are worthy of receiving all our desires. We will overcome challenges and we will achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. We are in this together. 

    But most of all, you get to...

    Have choices & freedom in your life.
     Achieve your health goals.
     Become the best version of you.  
    Earn a living.
    Enjoy a flexible schedule.
    Make an impact on the world.
    Transform your life and the lives of others. 

    Join my Tribe!

    Glow Getters

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What countries are you located in?

    Canada, USA, UK, Poland, New Zealand, Australia, Tawain (and expanding in 2018!) Thanks to technology, it has never been easier to build a global business!

    How much is it to sign up?

    $95 in Canada - and the equivalent of that in your country's currency.

    Is this a pyramid scheme?

    No. A pyramid is strictly a money game and has no basis in real commerce.

    Normally, there’s no product involved at all, just money exchanging hands. On the other hand, a legitimate business is based on providing people with real products they need and want at a fair market value price.

    While some people do make a lot of money through network marketing, their financial gain is always the result of their own dedicated efforts in building and training an organization that sells real products and services.

    I'm not a salesperson.

    Terrific! I’m not looking for salespeople! I’ve never been a salesperson before. I’m simply looking for passionate people, who when they love something they’ll share. We make recommendations every day for things that we love, though we never get paid for it. I’ll teach you exactly what you need to know to be successful in sharing our products and business, and be profitable while doing it!

    I don't have the time, how much time is required?

    I totally get how you feel, I used to feel the same way! We’ve found that most people work this business in very part time hours – working it into your everyday life on your own time, on your own terms! That's the whole point! Starting with just about 10-15 hours per week, I was able to build my business - but you can do however litle or as much as you want to.

    I don't have the money to start a business.

    I can appreciate that. Many people are in the same place. Because money is tight, this is all the more reason to join us! It's less than a pair of jeans to start up and honestly, if you are ready to start living your best life, you can't afford not to sign up!

    I don't know anyone!

    What I love about this business is that it’s not necessarily who you know, but people you’ll meet, and be referred to! Plus, this business is a great way to get to know people as well. We will teach you tools to help you reach out and get off to a strong start. You simply have to be coachable and committed to implement our proven system.

    I don't want to bug my friends!

    Thank goodness! I don’t want you to bug your friends and family either! That is not what I do. I share what I’m doing & pick their brains to see if there’s anyone they know this would be great for.  I find what people have need of and then I try to fill that need whether it be with our product, or a need for extra income. I simply use a referral approach, asking them whom they know! Sometimes they identify themselves! We do that all the time—asking for referrals for babysitters, dry cleaners, etc!

    I want to try the products first.

    Our company has a proven track record of product success. This is a learn as you earn business. When you purchase your products as a consultant, you’ll get wholesale pricing. You’ll be able to try them all as you’re getting started, and all the while build a really great business! In the meantime the company provides incredible product testimonials and before-and-afters. Click here if you really want to try them out first. We offer a 45-day money back guarantee so if you don't like it, no problem!