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  • Reduce negative thoughts

  • Minimize self doubt and secret fears

  • Decrease your stress & overwhelm

  • Remove your energetic blocks to success

  • Clear yourself of negative energy

  • Increase your authentic resilience

  • Reduce your feelings of anxiousness

  • Understand & master procrastination

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Body, Heart & Mind Mastery

The mastery of you is not achieved in isolated practices.

The real magic happens when you understand yourself as whole synergistic system:

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts"

This is my signature 12 week program to clear your chakras of stuck energy and teach you the best ancient wisdom & modern science of mastering yourself so you can live a life you love. This is about the synergy of YOU. I help you understand, process & master emotions in your body, heart & mind so you can live and love your life.


My personal training combined with energy clearing will transform the blocks causing stress, anxiousness, and overwhelm in your life. Unleash your inner strength so you can live the life you desire.

No psychoanalysis. No woo woo.

This is about practical actions based in the synergy of science & ancient wisdom. And fun.

Life and learning are meant to be fun! (These are not your parents life lessons)

week 1



Energy Clearing of your First Chakra:


This is your root security energy, if you trust or mistrust has a lot to do with how you were treated and if your needs were met as a child. 

week 2


That Gut Feeling

Energy Clearing of your Second Chakra:


The second chakra is all about connecting to others and accepting change or new experiences, as well as pleasure and passion for life

week 3

Tune Your

Radio Station

 Energy Clearing of your  Third Chakra:


The third chakra holds your ability to be confident and in control of your life.

week 4

It's an

Inside Job

Energy Clearing of your  Fourth Chakra:


The fourth chakra is the connection between the lower chakras &  upper chakras. This chakra influences your ability to give and receive love from others and yourself.

week 5

Emotionally Charged

Energy Clearing of your

Fifth Chakra:


This chakra is blocked in people who struggle to honour and to speak their truth. This block may start when we have been silenced in our lives, often in childhood or a relationship.

week 6


Your Values

Energy Clearing of your

Sixth Chakra:


This chakra represents intuition and higher knowing. This chakra can be blocked when you feel intense anxiety or overwhelm about the future.

week 7

Question Your Questions

Energy Clearing of your  Seventh Chakra:


The 7th chakra is the point at which the energy traveling up the spine from all the other chakras meet. When it is open, it connects us to our higher consciousness and way of being, and represents our ability to be fully connected spiritually.

week 8


or Edited

Energy clearing of everything that keeps you from your authentic self in all areas of your life. (Hello YOU!)

week 9

Compost or Communication

Energy clearing of all issues preventing kind and confident communication with yourself and with others. (Bye Bye Negative self talk)

week 10


for Success

Energy clearing of negative stress and creating a system where your stress works with you instead of against you.

week 11


Super Power

Energy clearing of any remaining toxic energy that prevents you from reaching your full potential and goals.

week 12

Make Your

Chakras Spin

YES! You are a whole synergistic system in sync. Your energy is clear, strong and authentic.

I will help you get through the this Covid winter so you come out on the other side a happier & more authentic you.


Everything is virtual unless you are in Calgary the sessions can be in person and include hands on Reiki and other energy work. If you live in another location, we work together by zoom and include distance Reiki and energy work.

I’ve been a successful mentor for over 25 years, and have a Masters’ Degree in Human Security and Peacebuilding, and Certifications in HeartMath, Brain Story, The Emotion Code, Tantra, Yoga & Reiki.

The concept that we are all connected through an energy field has fascinated me since my days of teaching others to grow food, in Canada, California, & Indonesia. I practiced my energy skills with plants, animals & water. My second career focussed on peace, human rights and humanitarian aid. This work showed me the best examples of human resilience, kindness and love. These experiences expanded my appreciation for life - how lucky we are to have the opportunity to connect with others, make a difference where we can, and try every day to make the world a better place.


Still, my biggest life lesson was learning to change myself. I had to overcome my limiting beliefs, and embrace forgiveness and gratitude in order to embrace my authentic self. When I learned how my unprocessed emotions become stuck energy in my chakras from the experiences in my life, and then found ways to release this stuck energy, I was suddenly free of what held me from fulling living the life I desired. Now I was hooked.

I love to share the practices that radically changed my life, brought me joy,  and allowed me to embrace my authentic self.  Almost everyone has some stuck emotional energy. It could be from childhood in the form of conditional love from a parent, sexual assault, limiting beliefs (family, religion, culture), family responsibilities, or inappropriate parent or authority figure behaviour. It can also be stuck emotional energy from adult life in the form of loss of work, moving, change of career, rejection, divorce, limiting beliefs (family, religion, culture), the death of someone close to you, or family responsibilities.

Let's do this!

xo, Celia


Let's build your kick-ass life!




12 Weeks


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Let's build your kick-ass life!




12 Weeks


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